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  • About Us

    GENEVA was created by husband and wife team Jim Sweeney and Muna Li, Geneva is the sister restaurant to Shanghai’s ever popular Abbey Road www.abbeyroad-shanghai.com.cn
    With amazing creativity and unending energy coming from our Italian Designers Nicola and Silvia what once was only a thought and a 100 year old Shanghai Villa has become a beautiful restaurant in private garden surroundings. Geneva is the perfect place for business meetings, casual dinner and cocktails or Sunday brunch with your family.
    As we open our doors and start meeting new friends our Swiss Chef Roger and Freddy, Julia and our entire team look forward to ensuring you have a Geneva experience. Our goal each and every day is for you to feel like you’re at home while our team ensures that you have had a great meal and your glass is only empty when you’re ready to leave.

    About our Chef

    Roger Maurer is from Zurich, Switzerland and moved to Shanghai in 2007 to begin working for Pascale Aebi. Ms. Aebi is from St. Gallen, Switzerland and she was the creator of Shanghai’s ever popular Abbey Road Restaurant & Bar.
    Roger was a key member of Pascale's original staff and one of the main reasons Abbey Road continues to be one of the former French Concessions favorite restaurant and bars. Roger’s culinary creations are influenced by Swiss & German flavors and dishes but when we challenged to develop new recipes for Geneva he accepted the challenge and has developed a wonderful selection of dishes you will only find at Geneva Shanghai.


    2014 (dianping.com) Five Star Restaurant